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4LynIncompleteTake It As A Compliment2004
Alanis MorissetteIncompleteFlavors Of Entanglement2008
Backstreet BoysIncompleteNever Gone2005
Backstreet BoysIncompleteThe New Best Of2016
Bad ReligionIncompleteStranger Than Fiction1994
Exit EdenIncompleteRhapsodies In Black2017
FishIncompleteRaingods With Zippos1999
FishIncomplete (With Elizabeth Troy Antwi)Bouillabaisse2005
James BayIncompleteChaos And The Calm2015
PhantasmaIncompleteThe Deviant Hearts2015
SamplerIncomplete (Backstreet Boys)Just The Best Vol. 522005
SamplerIncomplete (Backstreet Boys)Bravo Hits 502005
SamplerIncomplete (Backstreet Boys)Kuschelrock 192005
SamplerIncomplete (Westlife)Bravo Hits 522006
SwitchfootIncompleteNew Way To Be Human1999
The Last GoodnightIncompletePoison Kiss2007
VisionaticaIncompleteEnigma Fire2019
P. Diddy + the Bad Boy FamilyIncomplete (Interlude)The Saga Continues...2001

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