No Tears
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DioramaNo TearsA Different Life2007
FancyNo TearsFlames Of Love - His Greatest Hits2013
FancyNo Tears (Extended Version)The Original Maxi-Singles Collection2013
Hot ChocolateNo TearsMystery1982
James BluntNo TearsSome Kind Of Trouble2010
Melanie ThorntonNo TearsReady To Fly2001
NasNo TearsMagic 32023
Northern LiteNo TearsSmall Chamber Works2001
Plain White T'sNo TearsParallel Universe2018
RilesNo TearsWelcome To The Jungle2019
ZeraphineNo TearsTraumaworld2003
La Bouche + Melanie ThorntonNo Tears (Ready To Fly) (Melanie Thornton)The Best Of La Bouche feat. Melanie Thornton2002

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