Said And Done
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Amanda MairSaid And DoneAmanda Mair2012
AnvilSaid And DoneLegal At Last2020
Bad OmensSaid And DoneFinding God Before God Finds Me2019
BlackoutSaid And DoneThe Best In Town2009
BrinkSaid And DoneNowhere To Run2019
Eric SardinasSaid And DoneMidnight Junction2023
GotthardSaid And DoneLipservice2005
GotthardSaid And Done (live)Made In Switzerland2006
KiliansSaid And DoneThey Are Calling Your Name2009
L?Ame ImmortelleSaid And DoneIn tiefem Fall2022
LevellersSaid And DoneTruth And Lies2005
Lightning SeedsSaid And DoneFour Winds2009
Mary J. BligeSaid And DoneStronger With Each Tear2009
Sworn EnemySaid And DoneManiacal2007
Vintage CaravanSaid And DoneMonuments2021

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