Tell Me Why
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Ad InfinitumTell Me WhyChapter I - Monarchy2020
AsiaTell Me WhyArena1996
Beach BoysTell Me WhyBeach Boys' Party!1965
BeatlesTell Me WhyA Hard Day's Night1964
BeatlesTell Me WhyA Hard Day's Night (US Version)1964
BeatlesTell Me WhySomething New1964
Beauty Of GeminaTell Me WhyA Stranger To Tears2008
Bee GeesTell Me Why2 Years On1970
Brian WilsonTell Me Why (featuring Jardine)No Pier Pressure2015
Bro'SisTell Me WhyDays Of Our Lives2003
ColdTell Me WhyA Different Kind Of Pain2005
Declan GalbraithTell Me WhyDeclan2002
Den HarrowTell Me WhyDay By Day1987
Den HarrowTell Me WhyMad Desire (I successi)1999
DJ BoboTell Me WhyPlanet Colors2001
Earth And FireTell Me WhyGate To Infinity1977
EmiliaTell Me WhyEmilia2001
Frijid PinkTell Me WhyFrijid Pink1970
GenesisTell Me WhyWe Can't Dance1991
H-BlockxTell Me WhyFly Eyes1998
Helen SchneiderTell Me WhyCollective Memory2015
IngloriousTell Me WhyInglorious II2017
John Butler TrioTell Me WhyHome2018
Kieran GossTell Me WhyRed-Letter Day2000
LaFeeTell Me WhyShut Up2008
Les Humphries SingersTell Me WhyMexico1972
Lucifer's FriendTell Me WhyToo Late To Hate2016
Lutricia McNealTell Me WhySoulsister Ambassador2004
M.I.A.Tell Me WhyMaya2010
Marco BorsatoTell Me WhyEmozioni1990
MelanieTell Me WhyGather Me1971
Musical YouthTell Me WhyDifferent Style!1983
Neil YoungTell Me WhyAfter The Gold Rush1970
Neil YoungTell Me Why (live)Live At The Cellar Door2013
Neil YoungTell Me Why (live)Songs For Judy2018
Neil YoungTell Me Why (live)Carnegie Hall 19702021
Neil YoungTell Me Why (live)Young Shakespeare2021
Neil YoungTell Me Why (live)I'm Happy That Y'all Came Down2022
Neil YoungTell Me Why (live)Royce Hall 19712022
NortherTell Me WhyN2008
Orange BlueTell Me WhyPanta Rhei2004
PalastTell Me WhyPalast2017
Paul van DykTell Me Why (The Riddle)Out There And Back2000
Paul van DykTell Me Why (The Riddle)The Best Of Paul van Dyk - Volume2009
Paul van DykTell Me Why (The Riddle)The Best Of Paul van Dyk - Volume2009
SamplerTell Me Why (Amna)The Dome - Summer 20122012
SamplerTell Me Why (Extended Mix) (Prezioso feat. Marvin)Freitag Nacht Vol. 172012
SamplerTell Me Why (Malaya)Kuschelrock 131999
SamplerTell Me Why (Monica Anghel)Eurovision Song Contest Estonia 20022002
SamplerTell Me Why (Prezioso deat. Marvin)Just The Best 1-20002000
SamplerTell Me Why (Prezioso feat. Marvin)Bravo Hits 282000
Santa CruzTell Me WhyKatharsis2019
SeverinoTell Me WhySeverino2015
Silent CircleTell Me WhyBack!1994
Silent CircleTell Me WhyBack II1997
SmokieTell Me WhyThe World - And Elsewhere1995
Spice GirlsTell Me WhyForever2000
Swedish House MafiaTell Me WhyUntil One2010
Sydney YoungbloodTell Me WhyBlack Magic2014
Taylor SwiftTell Me WhyFearless2008
Taylor SwiftTell Me Why (Taylor?s Version)Fearless (Taylor's Version)2021
TexasTell Me WhySouthside1989
Three Days GraceTell Me WhyHuman2015
Vanilla IceTell Me Why (feat. Gemini + Zeno)Platinum Underground2005
Waterloo + RobinsonTell Me WhyClap Your Hands1976
Will SmithTell Me WhyLost And Found2005
Within TemptationTell Me WhyHydra2014
Jack Russell + Tracii GunsTell Me WhyMedusa2024

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